Thursday, November 26, 2009

bangkok experience: part I

hellow every buddy!

i'm back from bangkok =D
was there for the first inaugural asian bp debate in chulalongkorn university =D

bangkok's so awesome i wana go back there again.

funny thing, we didn't get to taste tomyam. we couldn't seem to find it! ish peliknye. thought it would be all over the streets or something since they're famous for that.

getting real tired so this will be a quick update. and here's one picture of me and sheren in suvarnabumi airport in bangkok.

more pictures next time! just in case you wanna see more pictures, part I of our bangkok adventure is already out in my facebook ;)))

we had a great time in bangkok and everything was awesome for me though the food was not as i expected them to be. the debating experience that i had would be something that i would treasure for the rest of my life *emo

alright more updates soon! good night xoxo.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

time of my life

i just realised that we're gonna get to celebrate loy kratong in bangkok. issisnt it niceee?

i've always wanted to watch the loy kratong. now i even get to experience it ;DDD


one another note, here's one of my favourite pictures of us ;)

these two are one of the reasons for the time of my life in uni. <3>

i'm on furthest right if you haven't already know ;ppp

more pics next time!


so i went shopping today.

i shop but judy dropped. ha ha! this girl is so funny.

everywhere i went in the mall today, i hear black eye peas' songs. it's like the whole mall is on b.e.p. record. only two of their songs were played though. "heartbreaker" and "boom boom pow!" but coolio. i love them, so no complains. ;D

which reminds me of fergie. heard her husband josh duhamel woke a stripper up in the middle of the night to have sex? omgosh, if that's true, i'm utterly dissapointed at him. thought he's one of those loyal hollywood celebrity husbands.

anyways, if that's true, he's on my weirdo list.

oh man, i'm supposed to be researching on thailand, and important stuff like non-intervention policies and times of war. look what i made myself do??? ;p


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

chula here i come

now that exams are finally over, i feel...weird. like my daily routine has been disrupted because before this, my life revolved around assignments, quizzes, exams, and the like. it's a nice feeling, nevertheless, knowing that i've already put in my best, day and night.
now everything seemed kinda light. like i can watch drama at ease, talked to my room mates with ease, and last night, i felt so excited just by talking to mom. just because i knew that i don't have a whole piling workload waiting for me when i put down the phone nor do i need to crammed my head with formulas and facts.
though now it's time to study once again. on world issues. politics, nuclear, war, humanity, socials. ahems.
will be off to bangkok for the inaugural asian british parliamentary debate in two days. though i'm excited, it's nervewrecking knowing that now the university wants some results. tnc just analogized us to world cup. "we're footballers of the world and we will win this!!!" wow what an interesting guy. yep. we just debated in front of him just now. heh.
one word: A.W.E.S.O.M.E.
well of course i want results as well. it just ain't easy. it's not football right. how often does someone's point get across the room? exactly my point.
anyways, this will be my second international tourney. asian bp will be organized by chulalongkorn university, bangkok. its quite prestigious seeing as we have people like tj as ca and tate, logan, and sharm as dca. must be careful not to embarass ums now =/
so, economist, here i comee.