Friday, June 24, 2011

Greetings from India

Hello hello. Zomg okay this is too much it's been almost a whole year since I wrote an entry HAHAHAHA. A friend recently inspired me to blog again by telling me that he has started a blog and another reminded me of how much I love to write, which is the core reason as to why Cavina Ally Lim's blog existed HEHE. Thank you guys you guys are really awesome people who made me realised how important it is to continue living on my dream lol. I hope I can keep the spirit and hype up /twinkle eyes I won't let you down lol.

Anyways just a short entry because it is late already and tomorrow (today Malaysian time) is a long day. We're going to Amritsar in Punjab in eight hours Indian time to visit the Sri Harmandir Sahib, also known as the Golden Temple. In case you haven't already know, I'm currently in Haryana, India baby! Will be staying here for 10 weeks /monkeydance. Excited because never once in my life would I have thought that I would visit India. Plus, I've just celebrated my 23rd birthday in a full blast Indian tradition too. Will upload pictures in another entry okthxbai.

Meanwhile, here's some appetizer picture of us girls on an Indian rickshaw in New Delhi. Super duper fun experience, I must say :D

I love this picture! Me on the left with Kamles and Fangjie & Jye Ying behind us :D


Friday, July 9, 2010

viva la espana!

all this hype over the FIFA World Cup 2010 and all those talks about who's gonna be the new champion and the funny sounds the vuvuzuelas make and how Jabulani is crazy to side the underdogs and all those musings and writings and blogs about the world cup makes me feel like there is nada difference for me to write nor talk about it. even an octopus made the news by amusing everyone through its ability to accurately predict over and over again in matches it was asked to predict lol.

i never felt the need to talk or write about the world cup and the team i am rooting for and its glory in reaching the finals for the first time ever. even as a fan, i only rejoice in a little celebration when my fav team wins but only God knows how fast my heart is beating or how psyched and excited i am inside. sure, there is aplenty of joy and excitement as i talked about it with family and friends over meals and a cuppa or even in the laboratory when we're in a poor sleepy state of mind and the best part of it all is to be able to jubilate in exhilaration or dramatise our cries of desperation over a team's blunder (england, haha!) during a match. but i never felt the need to express myself like a madwoman when it comes to talking about my fav team. in short, i don't think i can be crazy over anything as long as i kept it in a speed of heartbeat in my heart lol.

i kept my silence on the world cup thus far and when i meant silence i only meant it in writing maybe because i felt that talking about it might jinx spain's chance in winning the trophy wtf. but i'd really love to show my support in writing just for once, just before this once-in-every-four-years event come to an end, just before the new semester starts and i won't have any chance to write profusely (not that i ever did!) like this anymore due to an expected crazy overmouting workload and time constraint, just before my final year project kickstart into its serious no-joke phase.

sometimes i wonder if i am a true fan of football because if there was a competition on who can talk the most on it, i would definitely lose like mad. and don't get me started on spain. good looking lads, charms, and beautiful football aha. but that's another story for another time.

found this extremely sweet looking picture of david villa and his daughter.

awwww such a cutie! adds up to all the hawtness and machoness /swoons <3

and wayne rooney was voted ugliest player at the World Cup HAHAHAHAHAHA ok i am so bad to laugh at him but he didn't perform at all lor for this World Cup and i don't get all the hype over him. seriously the most overrated player TSKK.

gud naits with love still in hyper mood cos finally get to bervideocall with mummy and daddy! :)) /missing home missing mummy's cooking period.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

joyous june that was

a pleasant month it has been and i truly cannot find the right adjective to describe and express it. i have had a few awesomely pleasant surprises to send me in awe for a whole lifetime. sometimes i feel like i have so much to thank for!

i'd really like to write about the whole amazing street-fooding and sight-seeing adventure we had lately but it suddenly occurred to me that that effort may seem a little bit too ambitious at this moment. it's 3:56 am i'm sleeeepy LOL. and i seemed to be suffering from the writer's block syndrome lately. i can't seem to write properly anymoreeee these days! well that just means i have to write even more. read books with proper english. british english. wahah i like.

having writer's block and my downfall in being able to sum up a great experience in a whole word (not that i have been able to, mind you :p), it seems so much easier to post up pictures here. but there's over 500 pictures! and each and every one of them tells a different story. i can't just choose which one to post. it's not as easy, right. pictures like a great adventure we had are treasures.

i still can't figure out how we ended up with over 500 pictures for just a five-day adventure. summore i deleted so many already -__-

anyhoo, i shall do two for now. too lazy and too tired. whee!

with the surprise visitor from Borneo, johnny bok, and jonathan. haha. waiting for the cable at kek lok si temple to bring us high up! xx pohleen's behind camera lens :)

daniel, me, and dan dan at Tropical Spice Garden! we were hanging from a ahems, cliff? :p this pic kind of blur but still one of my favs nevertheless! xx

it's inevitably difficult to sum up our five-day adventure in Penang with so many awesome fanatico friends in two pictures. not forgetting all the birthday surprises, trips here and there, the amazing family gatherings and bonding time, and then there's the amazing world cup experience! sad, honeymoon period's gonna be over soon with final year project coming up but still looking forward to going back to beautiful Sabah nevertheless. because beyond all that, another amazing adventure awaits! HAHA <3

Saturday, June 5, 2010

powerful words

"everytime you forget who you are, remember who i am"
powerful words by someone very dear to me. i wished i could record every single word spoken to me to remind me about things. when i forget those words, i forget who i am and that feels awful.
i wanna remember your every inspirational words, every advice, every words of love. ah, these are the things i should always remember and keep in mind. not some useless garbage spoken by people who don't matter.
wake up, cavina! remember those words, every single advice, every single reminder, because they are the truest of all. but here i am, denying myself of those true words, being overtaken by useless thoughts. aah, evil bedevil, get off my mind!
"everytime you forget who you are, remember who we are"
i am so very grateful for every single thing that i have in my life. stupid evil thoughts just like to cloud my judgement, making me forget how blessed or fortunate i am.
baby steps, baby. baby steps and just do what's right.
"peace i leave with you
my peace i give to you
not as the world gives do i give to you
let not your heart be troubled
neither let it be afraid"
John 14:26-27

Monday, May 31, 2010

comfort zone

hello there world. i have so much to tell you lately. but it's getting late and i am suppose to be working on my thesis. so laters, hahaha. i always do that, don't i? well, the joys of being a human. being able to escape from the realities of the world.

facing a bit of a dilemma of late. a good buddy told me its about time i get out from my comfort zone and approach people about it. it's definitely difficult, but it's the best and righteous thing to do. the importance of going all out for someone and not expecting anything in return is the right thing to do, he says. well said, i couldn't agree more. aah i am so being vague
i just lost my chain of thoughts wtf.

sigh. growing up is a difficult thing to do. no, wait. growing up is easy. you just..grow. to face stuff as you grow up is difficult.
i don't think i like being an adult when it comes to these things.

this is where i need to be in touch with my inner spirituality.
apart from my family at home, i am truly blessed to have these few people away from home that are always there for me

me and shan shan!

me and brendan dong dong

want to post more pics of the other cool people in my lives who have always helped me through spiritually and emotionally but heh it's getting late and i'm lazy. but you know who you are loves!
i heart all of you <3


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


wow i must be the most hardworking person to blog at 3:44 am lol.

i think i'm staying up just so i don't miss my flight again T________T

this is not nais at all even though i know that there's gonna be about six people who are going to give me morning calls in approximately 14 minutes.

hrmm. this is not good they'll probably scream at me if they found out i hadn't slept at all T____T

but it's okay because this is all for a good cause even if i end up with big bulging eyebags later i can always sleep in the plane wtf.

well i hope i can sleep in the plane and not stay up in excitement LOL.

to be honest, i'm staying up to listen to justin's bieber's one time cause it's just so nais! i don't know what's all the fuss about people liking him too much and people totally hating him. so extreme one! you can either like his songs or like him choose one don't hate both! i only like one song from him anyways see how fair a person i am LOL.

anyways this is how i look like when i listen to one time.

see, itz with ze love, <3

i still can't believe

i missed my flight home to penang yesterday T____T

and my whole mas ticket from kk to penang via kl got burned.

this has never happened to me! who says first times are always the best wtf.

i must be jinx with malaysian airlines or something cause the last time i flew with mas, we had to standby for almost four hours T___________T

if i ever do take mas again, i'll make sure i'll arrive at the airport like, five hours earlier before check-in time.

in my defense, i don't think the mas staff was being gracious at all. we were only a few minutes late before the check-in counter closes. is this what you call MH Malaysian Hospitality? and i'm a malaysian wtf.

okay enough swearing.

on a brighter note, i get to spend some time in kuching instead!

i'm just really bummed out cause well, i was really looking forward to spending time at home with ze mummy and ze daddy and ze babie. but it's okay now i get to see them in two days!
since i didn't have a chance to do a mother's day post so here's a belated one:

this was back when i still had curly murly hair! <3

to my dearest mummy, happy belated mummys day! you're ze bestest best mummy in the WWW (whole wide world). i love you so much and i miss you and i can't wait to be home to see you again. wishing you all the good things in the world, good health, happyness, joy, and love, every day, every second. *hugss & kisses!

with love,
ze baby girl <3

Saturday, February 20, 2010

el pelo largo y castano

i really feel like cutting my hair but i can only do that after the
15th day of chinese new year t.t

i feel like cutting it short-er ;p was suppose to do it when i got back from kk but i'm just too busy! //lalala shouldn't be an excuse but I"M SERIOUS!!!

well they say my hair is fine nice already lah noneed to cut but the weather is pushing me to spot a new hairdo. heh another excuse blame the weather plaks =p

now that i really think about it, i wanna go back to having a fringe. it should be more manageable.

hmm, i'm considering cutting my own hair. in kk. maybe, just maybe //giggles

i'm suppose to write a more meaningful and deeper post than this but i got carried away lol wtf. i'm itching to write an emo post actually. a good emo one. let's see how the night goes loves!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

new things

i've been struggling with so many things for the past few days, even up till last night. not that all are bad, they just seemed to raise more questions every time i think about them. the rows we had, the inevitable questions, the arguments. it's so difficult. but good times were really, really good.

i know a huge part of it was my fault. nothing, i guess, was ever enough for me even though he did so much already and always wanting and working to work things out. and who is anyone to decide that he or she is right or wrong anyways? i guess i wasn't being fair at all. i inevitably became someone i didn't want to be. i should always stick to being myself. but sometimes, i am so confused. i don't really know who i should be anymore.

but things are progressing really well now. i decided to go back to my old self and that ultimately came with maturity and lots and lots of understanding and compromise. sometimes, it's not easy. certain things just haunts me, but i know i am not alone and that we're in this together. this, i was made to understand last night and i was so glad. it's like a huge closure. and everything was so sweet again.

i don't know what is right or what is wrong. all this time i never knew i potrayed an image of having a person to meet requirements just so he could love me. i realised that's so wrong and despite all this, he still tried and tried so hard, just to make me happy. all this while i thought that everything was right just because i thought that all of that was right. and i fussed over the tiniest littlest things only god knows what came over me. and i am so sorry i hurt him so much in the process and made him feel underappreciated.

i have fears too. like doubts that will this work, will things get better, or worse. but i think i should stop being selfish and try to compromise. however, i do hope this person respect my views just as i respect his when it comes to certain things.

all these things shouldn't have even happened had i been myself. i should be the most secure girl on earth! all the things he did, priceless! (though i wish he could do more, okay shut up cavina).

anyways! the point is:

one, i really need to start appreciating the littlest tiniest things in life. not that i never but you'll know what i am talking about if you're me.

two, i really, seriously, cannot wear my emotions up my sleeve and get upset or unhappy about the tiniest things that displeases me that often. it's really not healthy.

and tres, i cannot allow myself to swivel down the drain everything something bad happens which isn't really bad at all but i made it sound like the hugest deal in the world.

there's alot that i need to change, but besos besos we'll handle things one step at a time.


feliz chino nueve every buddy!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

earthquake tragedy

cavina's heart goes out to the victims of the Haiti earthquake in Port-au-Prince :'(
my prayers goes out to all the victims: the victims' families, the survivors of this tragedy, and everyone who gave out a hand in trying to improve the situation in Port-au-Prince.

do stay strong while we continue to pray that God will continue to pour his blessings over
these unfortunate souls.

love peace joy hope,

Friday, January 22, 2010

spirituality haywired

four churches arson attacked in kayel.

total of eleven churches across malaysia pelted with molotov cocktails, stones, and paint.

now two Muslim prayer halls attacked. genius.

what next, people?