Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the zest of life

while i'm sitting here for the past couple of hours going through my documents (i.e. certs and etc. etc. you-know-the-drill-that-kind-of-stuff), something which i was suppose to settle a few months ago, printing them while making sure everything is in order, at the same time trying not to curse the officer(s) in-charge whom i was trying to speak the same tone of language while speaking to a five year-old, my mind was filled with so many thoughts in the midst of being occupied by all those annoying paperwork. then it hit me. it just surprises me on how these things can come flooding through my central nervous system in just a couple of seconds. the excitatory wave which is now flowing through my brain are making me all hyped up. that explains. i've been itching to write (hah! another term for blog) about what i'm feeling ever since that very second hits itself.

it's either that or my glucose level is rather high. it's funny how something so simple, something which you think could supposingly make you mad, be turned upside down in just a few minutes. within those times, your emotions run high and thus, transformed into the bestest of the best level you could ever imagine. or is it me? i feel truly grateful for i could find contentment even in my worst period of time. i could not understand how people could easily be so bored, so easily agitated, so discontent, or couldn't even feel the slightest satisfaction which is obviously there upon their very own eyes. now that explains the increasingly amount of social ills which leads to the high number of crime rates which includes a huge load of drug abusers, mass killers, late night party goers *coughscoughs* (okay okay stop THIS IS NOT DEBATE!). oh wait - does weapons of mass destruction which is oh-so-influential counted? O.o
owkay, to be fair, maybe i don't know what those people are really going through. maybe i haven't reach that level of life yet. or i haven't grown out of my old one. well, i don't want to. to be realistic on the other hand, these people are agitated over silly things, like, seriously minute stuff, like the "urgh-why-don't-i-have-the-latest-cameraphone" that sort of thing, you know. don't get how, don't understand why, don't care also. boy, people sure did bring redundancy to a whole new level nowadays.

contentment is really that simple and easy for me. it doesnt involve a whole load of money or gold or silver okay whatever. as long as i get to go shopping, watch my favourite tvb series, abc series, read my world conflicts (the irony of it all), spend time with my loved ones, read my chic lits, watch classic movies which i deemed is a classic but is actually not haha and well so much more. well, about the money part if you're going to count the number of kaching kaching and bling bling to pay the expensive books, astro bills, pricey dvds (ha ha), err what-kind-of-shopping-does-not-involve-money, yes i know its window shopping but when we're talking about shopping, we don't talk window shop here, okay? *snap. HAHAHA wanted to do that for a very long time now. so let's just not go into it cause money is a real subjective topic, you know?
well i don't know which part is subjective it just is ;P


i longed for those days where i wished i had more time to write a really good piece of article about anything, just writing my soul out, without caring about its twisted irony or its haywired storyline or its contradiction at the last paragraph from the first or its most likely huge load of grammatical errors-err my english is deteriorating mind you-and also the time that i get to shop till i drop with mom, have football talk with dad, and tickle caryn till she wraps herself up with pillows and sheets. or the time i spent with my bunch of pals, the bro and sis down the block, the debaters, and so many of them its really quite impossible to mention all of you here ;p

people say contentment comes from the inner soul and gosh that is so true. but i couldn't fathom the number of people who complains so much about their lives every second and every minute of the day. it's really funny when you come to think about it when they have so much in their life yet, they cannot stop whining one. i mean, it is okay to complain, i do too, we're humans like that, it's just about the level of attitude and mind these people have. like, harlooo??? you have access to all the luxuries of life and you want to tell me you don't have enough porsche in your villa? hah. just an example la you're suppose to apply it in whichever situation you're in hahaha. i guess it's how some people interpret their life. for me, something which begins from a whiney officer in-charge which i thought could make me explode in a few minutes transformed unexpectantly into something positive so fast. god knows how my brain works. it's real funny, sometimes i just don't get myself either. but i'm glad i'm like that. in those minutes, i thought my whole day was going to be spoilt, which is quite impossible when you think about it now, thanks to her and their big bums due to their over-eating and air-conditioning but nooo, i felt happier and hey, at the end of the day, i think she is a nice lady (really!), trying to do her job and all bla bla bla and omygod did i reveal too much???

well, it's just a thought. i think i swayed a little too much from what i wanted to say from the start. might just get myself into trouble cause one day i might contradict whatever i say here and then *boom! but it's okay i think i'm really giddy with all the happy things in life. to each of its own. cheers! ;)


Monday, December 15, 2008

she will not

let this blog die.
and she will adhere (lol wt?) to the wants (this sounds wrooongg) and requests of people who are waiting patiently for this blog to be updated but never does and in the end gave up reading (what?!)
she will update.
nola i will. seriously. no wait i won't. yes i will no i won't okay stop doing that!!!
maybe that's why i got lazy -____-
tell me why do i procrastinate so much, even if it comes to simple things such as updating about my life.
"is there a dire need to update lol wt"
*ward off comments*

Friday, November 21, 2008

ffo day

hello. apa khaber? this just in. how are you? ni hao ma? lol. in case any of you guys have forgotten me, i'm cavina and i'm back after a loong hiatus, ok make that looooooooooongggg (i swear i could have drag it longer but nope, i'm not gonna do it. and eh i have a damn solid reason ok. for my hiatus. *coughs*)
so anyways!
well, it could have been yesterday.
ffo stands for FINALS FINALLY OVER. this brings out a load of meaning to me because i was in a state of thinking that i could never get through this sem without breaking down (hello? my lecturer dumped four assignments on us prior to a week before the finals and three of them had to be summited before the start of finals and one had to be submitted before the 17th but what difference does that make right since my exam ends on the 20th so might as well get it done with right? lalala).
everything was looking really gloom and dark and black and grey and not good and basically everything associated with dark at that time. plus i had to spend some days in between for debate trainings and other important matters and oh so there goes my one whole day +++. so having no time at all, i had to resort to staying up really late (or early?) till the weee weee weee hours of the morning (read: no sleep at all) to finish up those assignments and batik drawings and stuff.
thanks to the people here (awww you guys are just.. ;)) who never fail to motivate and restore faith in me that i will somehow manage to finish up all my arsesignments and still have time to do other fun stuff (haha yeah, right), like as in other important stuff that i could have done instead of spending all my time on arsesignments only like studying (ahems!), i finally pulled through and manage to get everything done in time. before time summore! this is not bragging, like i've rambled earlier i was really in a state of going into depression because of my workload. but thanks guys, for making me believe that nothing is actually impossible and helping me along the way (tsk tsk i swear i'm so touched i could have cried) and most importantly, making me and changing my perception that having faith is the most important thing in life.
seriously, i was going to break down a few times on the process of completing everything because thinking that most people from other courses have zero assignments left and i have extra workload (my sketches and stuff) made me really depressed but the funny fact is, when i finally completed them i had a thought that i was going to miss them (wtf!). especially sketching and painting which was really an ardious process and i had to be super meticulous than usual (not that i am but then..!).
and the funny texts that keeps coming in, boy, thanks guys you really do know how to make things brighter for someone. here lemme give you guys a sweeeettt ;p
so note to self: have faith no matter what. we could actually get through things during tough times and i had these bunch of guys to remind me that (awwww i love you guys i really do hahah). remind me next sem please! i'm guaranteed to go into a post/pre/whatever traumatic stress (maybe worse!) again!
finals was finally over yesterday at 4 p.m. and during my second last paper i swear my hand hurts so much from writing that i thought i might not be able to write for the next paper (choi! tai ka lai si) and when i was doing my last paper i swear my hand was gonna break by the time i got to the last question. everything was in essay format yesterday. so to total up there was 4 essays in the first well 4 times 2 we have 8 essay questions for the first paper and then we have 5 and 5 times 2 plus 1 maybe 2 i forgot so we have 12 essay questions in the second paper and that totalled up to 12 plus 8 owkay that's 20 essay questions altogether from my last two papers. my hand hurts. i bet everyone else in my course was in the same situation. and to write all of that within a given time frame well...go figure.
anyways, the fact of the truth is i cannot believe i actually got through this sem at all. i thought i was going to die halfway. can't believe that environmental science students are sooo busy, like 3/4 of what medic students do but of course, theirs is never ending work. damn i so respect them for that.
despite all the courseworks and debate trainings and exams, hrmm did i mention i manage to spare some time to tutor a certain someone in between all that summore. fuh! now that finals is over, i feel all weird again that i ain't doing something which i am always doing on a daily basis - studying 19 hours a day - and omygod is that a missing feeling i'm having now (omygodddd i'm crazy somebodyyyy please knock my head!!!)
so thanks guys, for all your motivation and faith-restoring process and pep talks despite you guys having to go through your own exam-stress as well - it really worked! i bet you guys out there are gonna scream out something like yer you only thanked your friends? what about your parents you ungrateful child lol wtf.
well, course, i couldn't have done it without my parents, mom even said something about how proud she was of what i've accomplised in debate (awwww..that's so sweet but but but i didn't even achieved anything yet =.=)
the downside of all the jubilation and excitement is that i'm currenly down with fever, flu, headache, and sorethroat. went back and sleep sleep and sleep after my last paper yesterday (ooh after checking some mid term results ;)) and woke up with a headache and flu and sorethroat. and now with fever but it already subsided since this morning =D
omygod this post is wordly. i shall wrap this up and go do something else ha ha ha. will be off to kk later with the guys ;) omygod this post is sooo wordly.

Monday, October 13, 2008

uitm friendlies

here i comeee~!
i'm kinda dreading you so to speak.
i don't know what to expect really.
actually i never knew what to expect in all debate tournaments. haha!
dum dum dee da da dum.
harh har.
uitm frendlies is another sort of friendly debate competition that i will be going to.
later today. at two in the afternoon.
oh my god.
i think there's something wrong with me because i don't feel anything. i mean, i do, but its nothing serious.
harh har who am i kidding.
i am now in the library. with yvonne. blogging. no, i'm blogging, she's not =D
yeah, first time blogging in the library. woohoo. lol.
i'm suppose to be doing whatever that i am suppose to be doing in the library, like say, erm studying my metafile (uh, i mean matterfile) - its a file with all our debate notes, etc etc ;p, or at least working on my batik sketches that i have been putting on hold for such a looong time. woohoo talking about procrastination. i'm such an expert in it ;p
no, i was just exxagerating. i'm really not-hey-i'm suppose to be talking about uitm friendlies. what is the meaning of this? lol. sounds familiar?
so in four hours we'll be heading off to uitm sabah which is near ip, the other ums residential college, debating our hearts out till 10 p.m. tonight. the schedule's really tight, though. geez, they squeezed everything in seven hours. go figure.
ooh i hope i can do well later. a senior is in my team and i'm kind of...intimidated by her.
nola nola. joking JOKING.
the thing is i have loads to write but i'm really being disturbed by the fact that i have to go study my metafile now or at least study something. oh for god's sake at least watch the tournament videos you know.
the seniors told us that uitm is not bad, they like to use all the bombastic words in the beginning of their speech and they have thick matterfiles filled with notes from debatabase. but there's noneed to feel intimidated or anything.
most importantly, don't panic, breathe, and...think! fast!
*deep breaths*
so that's about it for now. a little geist for you to digest.
oh, and thank you, peter, for the espirit umbrella. it's very pretty. and its pink! ;)
and uh, i don't know what else.
i'll tell you people what happened to my ums umbrella next time. or if i forget about it then i'll probably talk about it next year or something.
p/s: oh wow yvonne just decided that she's going to start a blog now. that was umm...fast. it's not me! i didn't influence her! really one. ;p

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

family tragedy in LA, california

it was an extremely sad, sad day for the rajaram household yesterday. if they were still alive, that is. it was definitely a big blow to their relatives, though.
for those who still do not have a clue on what i am babbling about, an american-indian family was involved in a murder-suicide tragedy on monday morning. means yesterday la.
to cut in short, a very distraught man, believed to have a MBA in finance and have a history of working with big accounting firms such as Price Waterhouse, shot and killed his mother-in-law, wife, and three sons due to financial difficulties .
from what i have read, they definitely look like they came from a well-to-do family. would you just look at their beautiful Porter Ranch house. what a waste. all because of some financial crisis and a man who, out of absolute despair, believes that killing his whole family and himself would be an acceptable exit.
tsk tsk.
for those facing the same dilemma, watch and learn please.

and for those who aren't, please reach out in any way you can if you come across people who are facing such difficulties. intervene! reach out! interfere! do whatever you can to restore their hope and faith again! there are other substantial resources available owkayyy. we do not want a tragedy like this repeating itself again.

my heart goes out to the suspect's family. may you rest in peace.


scroll down

to read island hopping-part III.
it's finally out! hehee.

scroll down

to see island hopping-part III

it's finally out! hehee.


Friday, October 3, 2008


i'm back from my tour.
for those who didn't know i spent my raya break in ranau and kundasang with 15 of my uni mates right after i came back from labuan and the trip was so nice i have no other words to describe it except for this:
ranau and kundasang is FABULOUS!!!
they're just AWESOME!!!
they're sugar, spice, and everything nice!!!
i think i'm going to buy a piece of land and build my house there.
no, make that two lands =DDD
updates on this in the future. wahahah. with a whole load bunch of pictures!!!
we took soo manyyy!
p/s: ranau is in kundasang or vice versa. i know i know! like, i don't even know the geography of the place i'm travelling in right? actually i do know! i just get so confused. i'm *whaddyacall* mesmerised by the place already. hehe. really one.
selamat hari raya to those who are celebrating!!!
i'm only three days late*coughscoughs*you guys have a month to raya so its okay right?right.
maaf zahir dan batin semua.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

back to back

i'm back from labuan already. arrived at my apartment yesterday night. fuh. the trip was beyond our imagination. good and not so good. but it turned out to be the best at the end of the day. one of the best i mean. more updates on that later.

i'll be off to ranau tomorrow. and then kundasang a few hours later. hmm i have no idea what to expect. those two places are hotspots in sabah. two of the best tourists' spots. we'll be travelling in a big group. a really really big group.


anyhow i am looking forward to the trip tomorrow. especially thekundasang which is like ala cameron highlands. hehe. must buy kubis for judy lolol. and then she'll get the roti and we'll make roti kubis. harh har. very funny judy.

looks like i've been travelling a lot lately. aaahhh...life is gooodd. but reality check - finals are coming soon. oohhmyyguudness. i must so gear myself up into the studying mood once i'm back from this trip. but now i shall lalalalala ;p

i haven't pack yet though. geez soo lazy. i've come to realise that i have issues with packing. i love it but i can't control it and i don't want to do it. lol.

just got off the phone with mum. reminds me of how much i still miss home. and her cooking :)))

despite all the good things here, i'll never stop missing everyone and everything back at home. although i could live here.

more updates later on. with love.

Friday, September 26, 2008


i'll be off to labuan tomorrow.
in five hours i have to drag myself out of bed on a saturday morning, wake my housemate fredericka up (haha! if i can!), wake myself up in the shower, gather all my half-packed stuff, walk to our apartment busstop with the rest of the team, board an almost three-hour bus ride to menumbuk (don't ask why is it called in such a way) and then take a speedboat (omg! so cool kan!) to labuan.
i feel so damn psyched about tomorrow. despite all that dragging myself up, i feel so totally excited about going to labuan and i don't know why. we're going there to train for god's sake.
maybe it's the duty-free chocalates over there. yesla i'm so chocalate-deprived i have to steal koko crunch from my room mate judy the other day. no i'm just kidding. she just stocks up koko crunch on her shelves
like there's no more chocalate tomorrow. and she's very generous about them. really!
the labuan trip. well actually we're still not clear about the purpose of this trip. its under the english debate club. yes i'm a debater now believe it or not. we're just not sure if we're going there for a joy tour or we're going there for hardcore training with the ums-kal team. oh they're the debate team from labuan campus. kampus something labuan. sorry la -.- i forgot. but actually we do know we're doing a little bit of both. tour and training i mean. umm or probably a liitle bit more of training than tour :/
so anyways. i'm still so psyched~ rika kept asking me to sleep early because if i don't wake up tomorrow she'll end up not waking up too. never mind i say, the others will give us morning calls of our lives. hahaha.
but i have trouble packing. again. i really hope i don't overpack cause i always tend to. although it's not like i will cause i'll be using a backpack and not a luggage bag. umm a big backpack but how big can a bagpack be right? right.
i still hope i don't overpack.
p/s: yay rika just told me i don't have to pack any shampoos and all those kinda stuff cause she will be packing hers and i can just share with her. that means one thing: more space for clothes ;p okay joking JOKING. sheesh.

island hopping - part III

part t.h.r.e.e.

aiseh lol.

the second island that we hopped on was pulau manukan ;) this one was the busiest among the three. heavy crowd here. mostly korean and japanese tourists. maybe it was because sutera harbour (or was it tanjung aru?) was closed by (or somehow linked to) this island.

welcome babeh

i especially love this picture!

sand. sea. surf.

we could almost see the sunset from here.

they could really make a good fish spa!

manukan island was so crowded that we had a hard time adjusting because the previous island was really deserted (probably because it was soo early when we arrived at mamutik island ;p). the island was really beautiful and we girls could spot hottie-hot-hotties everywhere (hehe!) but the thing was, we couldn't exactly find a good empty spot to swim freely with the fishes. so that was when we decided to swim in the deep, deep end of the ocean.

no, just kidding.

i wouldn't dare. the guys did though. and they brought back sea cucumbers from the deep end. sea cucumbers! can you imagine! the exact ones that i have been trying to protect all along. the exact black hairyslashfurry species that i saw from aquaria last time. aiya. got no picture to show :

we spent a probably good fifty minutes squeezing the wheezy out of these sea cucumbers.

then it was time to put them back in the deep end :(

also, i know they pretended to be dead and all because i think that's what they do. sea cucmbers like to pretend to be dead when they are touched (or so i think) and i know you're looking at me like, "what?! is this how you 'protect' sea cucumbers you sea cucumber-squeezer?" okay next!

we did the typical-thing-to-do-at-a-beach after that. it feels really good to bury each other toes in the cold soft sand. damn its soo good its indescribable. i think no, its just me. i'm bad at descriptive writng. ughhh.

this guy volunteered to be buried. the burrying process somehow *chokes* went out of hand. details shall not be revealed. muahaha.

after some time of digging and burrying and digging and burrying and strengthening it (wtf!) with saltwater, it was finally time to pose.

and pose somemore we did =D

speedboat ride. on the way to the third island, pulau sapi. wheee~!

our seniors from debate had told us that sapi island is the best island to go among the three but we *ahems* beg to differ. i still prefer the first one personally. teehee.

sapi island was a bit deserted by the time we reached there. probably because it was late already as all island tours stop at 5 p.m. which means no more tourists to islands after five.

this could also mean another thing *evil grin*:

we have the whole goddamn pretty island to ourselvesss!!! wheee~! *jump in jubilation!*

although we were already almost exhausted by the time we reached the third island, everyone was in full energy when somebody caught sight of this creature and shouted for everyone to go 'have a look' ;p

we named it thecreature. its very cute actually. camera shy guy. no, joking. its seriously very scary. it looked like it will bite your head off within seconds before you can even say aligator. only this one big sized tourist attempted to go near it. heheh.

our speedboatman told us it was a giant biawak later on. wahalla~ O.o

we were space-deprived from the previous manukan island and therefore, imagine our excitement when we see this big piece of sand land. haha. it doesn't make sense. sand land sand land sand land. lalalalala.

we were thrilled!

despite the exhaustion and some coming up sunburns, we really wanted to make full use of the big space. we were very much prompted to do something different now. play a game, perhaps? ;p

so, the guys, with their big brains and all (i'm not being sarcastic!), had a better idea. the ten of them invested in a rm10 colourful beach ball (quite ugly, i must say). hehe. smart right. the ball came to be quite handy. we really made full use of it. really!

aiya, no picture of the ball.

first, we toss the colourful striking ugly but useful ball around. in the water. we best were actually trying to compare who could toss the ball the furthest into the deep end. this funny game turned rugby-like when we could see ten *coughs* men chasing after one ball in the waters. one thing lead to another and before we knew it, we heard somebody said "touchdown!".

then it became a real game. serious one. despite all the hahas and hehes ;p

because at the end of the day, it was funny to see these guys struggling to get the ball. all look like five-year old kids.

after that, we wanted to play iceman but decided that since everyone was almost half-dead already, iceman would not be a good idea. so, we played monkey :))) in the water. i got to be the monkey halfway through the game but escaped when a diving instructor came up to us and asked us if we want to go snorkelling with him. somebody went and came back before this and brought along a starfish with her.

so we went with mr. diving instructor. with our goggles and oxygen mask. damn kewl ok. haha. i cant really swim but can you believe that after this island trip, i became a better swimmer? LOL. really one!


i get to put the starfish back.

everything was sooo beautiful under the sea. i get to see everything and anything that i could only see in hmm let me see, aquaria, aquarium!, underwater world, the likes *yawn* ;p

mr. diving instructor took us quite deep into the ocean and that's where the magic come from. i get to see, touch, and feel the sea creatures, creatures that i have never imagine myself seeing. the best part was watching the blowfish explode and then floating in the water. ommyguddness it look so helpless it was almost funny!

sigh. snorkelling in sapi island seriously made me wanna study marine biology. i wanna go snorkelling again! no, no more snorkelling. next time i'll try diving instead *ahems.

sea urchins. can be deadly if stepped upon.

heheh yeah. swim at your own risk.

one last group photo before we chao.

byebye beautiful islands! stay the same :)

hope to see you again next year, unpolluted!


island hopping - part II

island numero uno: mamutik island. at approximately 0815 hours.

ain't it bbeeeaauuttifffullll?

posers lol.

clear waters! now tell me where can you find such clear waters in penang island? you can actually see through them! so pretty kan! we had the privellege of swimming with these fishes - yes as in we were swimming and there were pretty pretty fishes swimming around us.

and these ;]

and these!

i know they all look the same but they're actually different ok. when.you.look.at.them.up.close. the tiny details will tell you. really one.

anyways these fishes may look cute and cuddly but be warned. they bite! they bit our legs. they bit our toes. they even tried biting off a thread from my tights. i bet they had a good time biting off those leg hairs too if you know what i mean. lololol.

reminds me of the fish spa you know. they give good massages too. ticklish, but gooood.

corals! they don't bite but they're damn sharp. but i still love them.

can you spot the gender difference? the poses and all? ;p okay joking JOKING.
to avoid confusion and all, the next two islands will be published in part three (i know right. wth?!) ;p
the truth is, i'm already verythetired so i might as well just post this first and make a part three later on. genius right. harh har. not funny.
damn i miss island hopping. and i'm done with just island numero uno.
let's just leave this hanging shall we hehheh.

island hopping - part I

i don't know why but i find the right guy's pose funny ;p

jesselton point. early morning view.

ish why do i always come up with obvious titiles for my post lol.

so it's obvious enough that i'm going to post those pictures that i should have posted wayyy back a century ago. harh har. okay that was a joke.

anyways i'll just let the pictures do the talking because pictures worth a thousand words (like you don't know that) and our trip to three islands in one day can be told in seventeen different versions (no-make that eighteen) which could amout to ummm...a gazillion words. so yeah.

the pictures may not look nice as how i would describe our trip to be but it IS nice! maybe because we're not that much of a poser so everything seems flat and monotonous in pictures. but everything was worth it. the trip i mean.


who cares about getting bruises and scartches under your feet thanks to those pretty and sharp corals? and the sunburn post-island hopping.

i got redder and darker after that. beautiful tan laa, we would all say. i'm back to my usual colour now though.

oh wait - i don't mean all of the above - let me rephrase - we girls weren't all that into taking pictures during the trip because we're so caught up by nature's miracle (ahems-environment scientist here-muahaha joking whuttderrr) but the guys! ayo! snapping away with their high tech camera phones. hahaha good jobs guys. or else we wouldn't have any pictures from the trip.

yeah speaking of that, NONE of us, NONE out of seventeen people had a device called the camera with them on that day. can you believe that?!
which brings me to my shoutout:

if i could only forsee the coming trips that we're going to make some more in the future. i mean, final weeks of my semester ;p

well some of them had their cameras spoilt during the karambunai trip before that. that't the only downside. no proper camera to document our beautiful journey, only camera phones. so you see, some of the pictures may not look that nice (err, duh!). maybe i could photoshop you know, make the pictures look nicer, to show off the real thing. how it really is. that these islands are really beautiful. in and out. (okay okay i get that you get what i'm trying to say. stop bragging)

hmmph-make me wanna study marine biology only. tsk tsk.

well before that we had to leave for jesselton point from our beloved kg. e. i really do love our kg. e okay.

and from jesselton point we had a boat guy who's already assigned to fetch us from port to island to island to island and to port. the boat guy's brother is number eighteen. simply because he had loads of stories to tell us =DDD

what! this post is already long before i post any pictures up lol wtf.
okay stop talking start posting. go.

beautiful jetty.

hrmm what did i tell you? ;p

despite these two looking sober, the truth was we people hidden behind the camera were waving frantically at the ship. and we believed they waved back. oh i'm sure they did.

i don't feel like making this post too long. pictures on the three very-much-publicised-by-me islands will be up NEXT! lol i don't know why i did that. okay NEXT! hahaha siao.