Thursday, June 25, 2009

the black parade

today the world mourns the death of one talented king of pop, who was dubbed the "troubled genius" by cnn, and whose music dominated and took the world by storm. i'm not a fan, but i think after all he did to the entertainment industry, i believe he deserve a whole load of respect and tribute.

anyways, for those of you who haven't heard which i find it hard to believe since the news of his death took the world by storm, almost on the same scale as when the world witnessed the tsunami; he was a phenomenon, after all. yes i'm talking about none other than our favourite pop icon, michael jackson, the one and only king of pop, a musical genius.

every radio station was playing his music today. hitz, fly, era, you name it. even the saloon i went to today was playing his songs. probably some chinese station. my fm probably. and when i got home and turned on the television, every news channel was reporting about him. i've never heard so many michael jackson's songs and so much about him in my life.

i am so dissapointed with myself for starting to like his music and the jackson five's after he passed away. *slaps self*

speaking of saloon, i finally got my hair cut today. i'm so happy because alvin did a great job cutting them. i say great because cutting my hair, i believe, is no easy task. it's long and thick and way too smooth hence, it's so slippery. what good coincidence i have with him. i was searching for his name card before i stepped into hair impression because i remembered that he did a great job with my hair about um, six months ago. but i couldn'f find his card so i just told the lady boss, "you know what, anyone will do" and tadaa! alvin was the "anyone". and he remembers me! i couldn't recognised him anymore cause he got his hair cut as well. well, alvin's hair was long six months ago ;p

anyways alvin talked alot about movies with me and i couldn't take it anymore so i went like, "did you know michael jackson died today?" and he seemed stunned so i thought he was a big fan or something, like did i suddenly break a bad news to a diehard fan. haha.

but alvin said "nolah i'm just stunned, not in the newsapapers also".

"he just died this morning"


and then he went on asking more questions.

and then he went on telling the rest of his hair impression colleagues that michael jackson died. hahaha so funny. i didn't mean the part about michael jackson passing away was funny, i meant the part about alvin telling his collegues about the news that was funny lol wtfish.

and then the not so good news: my semester II results came out today. blerhhh.

i am not liking my results!!!
shouldn't have check today stupidcavina but then you gotta know sooner or later erghh.
note to self:must work harder next sem or else i'll...i'll...
i know, i know, i already put in my 200 percent and mom and dad were really proud of me as always so...
but i'm still not liking my results!!!
i am so gonna be depressed tomorrow cause that's when the sadness really sinks in.
anyways, rest in peace yo, my man mj!
you will be truly missed for you have brought a great deal of change to the world through your music.
your passing was such a waste as you have definitely made such a huge positive impact on the citizens of the world.
lots of love.

in loving memory of michael joseph jackson