Sunday, September 13, 2009


today cavina woke up feeling very panicky ;(

piling workload is taking a toll on her.

all she can do is type awayyyy, breathe, and relax.

pray and have faith that everything will fall into place at the end of the day


but right now, she's just hyperventilating ;x

Saturday, September 12, 2009

the hardest thing to do

... is most probably the best daym right thing to do.

i couldn't agree more. i hope whatever they said about that is true ;)))



Friday, September 4, 2009


was browsing through some outdated pictures to release stress and i found this ;DDD

i wannuh kissss him and cubittt his cheeks like crazyyyy hee ;p

missing you baby boy. it's been a long time since we've met ;(

till then,

piling workload

today's one of those days where i am utterly dissapointed at myself. at the same time, i thank God and my friends for bringing me up again. i now realise how strong the power of praying can actually be.
its getting late and i am getting exhausted. these days, i am so used to not sleeping that i don't feel the need to sleep anymore. i just go to bed at two plus in the morning and wake up two hours later. that's how my routine is this week. until today, i crashed. i had to sleep but i just couldn't. my head was throbbing with pain so badly since yesterday. and yet i still attend trainings like usual. i still go on with my usual routine which if any other people would choose, they would choose to let go. me, i just think i should do it out of dicipline. question is, how long would i be able to withstand before everything stands to fall apart. however, i do believe that i can juggle many, many things together. believed. until today. i know i deserved it. but at the same time, i thought i did my best. so yep, i need some balance in my life.
life on campus hasn't even been mundane. it's quite the opposite. hectic, yet fun at the same time. but exhausting. it tires you up like crazy. well, for me and people in the same boat as me that is.
now, how on earth am i suppose to juggle three midterms, two major quizzes, two tutorials, and four lab reports all due next week? with no mornings, afternoons, and evenings to spare?
oh God, help me.
i'm praying ;DDD