Thursday, May 21, 2009

oh noooo~

so kris allen won the american idol season 8. sheesh. so geram. erghhh. i have never personally followed the show this season due to being tied down to *coughs!* campus life-far away from home, no tivo (hah!), work, work, and work, okay it's basically just work now don't blame the distance and the inexistence of the square box, that's not true. i mean, the tivo part. i mean, duh, we don't have tivo obviously since when malaysia so progressive. we have televisions. astro. star world? THAT we have to go someone's house *coughs!*. or mamak. so yea.
i am flummoxed.
i am flustered.
and rather flabbergasted, if i may add.
not that i have a grudge against kris. now who am i to judge. it's just that i finally settle to root for adam lambert. i just thought he was far more deserving than kris. more versatile, though he may be a little off the drama. i'd thought he was a better performer during the finale, showed that he put in more effort unlike kris. just like simon cowell said after his second performance, kris was "a little too laidback for a night like this". no doubt kris allen has what it takes, that dark horse, who is no doubt cute but probably taken *coughs!*, and adam has had a series of stage performances background. drama school probbaly taught him alot so yea but may the better man wins, right?
anyways, the result came as a shock to me and i have no idea why. maybe it's because i kinda put alot of hope into adam being crowned the 8th american idol title but oh well, kris is cute anyways and adam is already famous he doesn't need to be crowned to add on to his already overflowing glory.
anyhooo, i loved the performances tonight. *squels in delight* omyguddness nobody told me jason mraz was coming haha bah as if i was there. fergie! david cook! well, his presence is pretty predictable. condolences on his brother's death over cancer. hrmm who else. well, i saw katie holmes with cute baby suri last night in the show. during the duo's last performances. and then there's santana! that guy just appears after a long time of dissapearance from the showbiz. not that i'm very well updated about the showbiz. heheh. but anyhow they were a.w.e.s.o.m.e.!!! i mean the 15 finalists. fuh! they wow-ed me. i got blown away. goosebumps all over. totally. secretly wished i was there. but good enough that i watched it live ;DDD
it's one unbelievable night which left me shell-shocked. and a ring below my eyes. whatever it is, the show was worth waking up for, or rather, staying up for ;ppp

Saturday, May 9, 2009

the thing about me is

...i do not have the dicipline to update my blog. and then it died. and i revive it back. which is the best thing. well to be fair, i absolutely do not have the time to update. at all. this is something which i have been harping on for as long as i can remember. ever since i started to know life and became busy. ever since, ever.
this short semester is finally over. i thank God for i have survive probably one of the craziest semesters i have to endure. this sem was assignments, assignments, assignments. pop quizzes. tests. labs. reports. field trips. ecetra ecetra. you name it, you know it. and then before i know it, it was finals all over again. and then, it's over.
i cannot believe it.
not that this sem was any different from the last, but this sem is one hell of a short semester. packed. action packed. with loadsa fun, drama, and tears. and yet at the same time, bombastic craziness, laughter, and fun filled my time through this bunch of people called friends. and my brothers and sisters down the block.
and here i am now, at singapore for a debate tournament which i have been a little anticipating for. the smu hammers debate. i secretly cannot wait to debate.
staying at this dormitory style accomodation called footprints hostel with shan shan, chze lor, and poh leen, i am truly grateful for the superfast broadband they have here for my mobile is currently disabled. i now know that communication breakdown can truly affect somebody. and that it is not called a breakdown for nothing. muahaha.
0215 hours and i gotta sleep. have to be up in four hours. on another note, i'm actually dreading to debate like i always do before any tournament. then the fire lights up and boom! kidding kidding. so my mobile's dead. hrm. mom, dad, sis, the big family, friends, brothers, and sisters down the block. don't worry! i'm pretty much alive!!!
more update soon. if i do not awesomely slack again.