Monday, October 13, 2008

uitm friendlies

here i comeee~!
i'm kinda dreading you so to speak.
i don't know what to expect really.
actually i never knew what to expect in all debate tournaments. haha!
dum dum dee da da dum.
harh har.
uitm frendlies is another sort of friendly debate competition that i will be going to.
later today. at two in the afternoon.
oh my god.
i think there's something wrong with me because i don't feel anything. i mean, i do, but its nothing serious.
harh har who am i kidding.
i am now in the library. with yvonne. blogging. no, i'm blogging, she's not =D
yeah, first time blogging in the library. woohoo. lol.
i'm suppose to be doing whatever that i am suppose to be doing in the library, like say, erm studying my metafile (uh, i mean matterfile) - its a file with all our debate notes, etc etc ;p, or at least working on my batik sketches that i have been putting on hold for such a looong time. woohoo talking about procrastination. i'm such an expert in it ;p
no, i was just exxagerating. i'm really not-hey-i'm suppose to be talking about uitm friendlies. what is the meaning of this? lol. sounds familiar?
so in four hours we'll be heading off to uitm sabah which is near ip, the other ums residential college, debating our hearts out till 10 p.m. tonight. the schedule's really tight, though. geez, they squeezed everything in seven hours. go figure.
ooh i hope i can do well later. a senior is in my team and i'm kind of...intimidated by her.
nola nola. joking JOKING.
the thing is i have loads to write but i'm really being disturbed by the fact that i have to go study my metafile now or at least study something. oh for god's sake at least watch the tournament videos you know.
the seniors told us that uitm is not bad, they like to use all the bombastic words in the beginning of their speech and they have thick matterfiles filled with notes from debatabase. but there's noneed to feel intimidated or anything.
most importantly, don't panic, breathe, and...think! fast!
*deep breaths*
so that's about it for now. a little geist for you to digest.
oh, and thank you, peter, for the espirit umbrella. it's very pretty. and its pink! ;)
and uh, i don't know what else.
i'll tell you people what happened to my ums umbrella next time. or if i forget about it then i'll probably talk about it next year or something.
p/s: oh wow yvonne just decided that she's going to start a blog now. that was it's not me! i didn't influence her! really one. ;p

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

family tragedy in LA, california

it was an extremely sad, sad day for the rajaram household yesterday. if they were still alive, that is. it was definitely a big blow to their relatives, though.
for those who still do not have a clue on what i am babbling about, an american-indian family was involved in a murder-suicide tragedy on monday morning. means yesterday la.
to cut in short, a very distraught man, believed to have a MBA in finance and have a history of working with big accounting firms such as Price Waterhouse, shot and killed his mother-in-law, wife, and three sons due to financial difficulties .
from what i have read, they definitely look like they came from a well-to-do family. would you just look at their beautiful Porter Ranch house. what a waste. all because of some financial crisis and a man who, out of absolute despair, believes that killing his whole family and himself would be an acceptable exit.
tsk tsk.
for those facing the same dilemma, watch and learn please.

and for those who aren't, please reach out in any way you can if you come across people who are facing such difficulties. intervene! reach out! interfere! do whatever you can to restore their hope and faith again! there are other substantial resources available owkayyy. we do not want a tragedy like this repeating itself again.

my heart goes out to the suspect's family. may you rest in peace.


scroll down

to read island hopping-part III.
it's finally out! hehee.

scroll down

to see island hopping-part III

it's finally out! hehee.


Friday, October 3, 2008


i'm back from my tour.
for those who didn't know i spent my raya break in ranau and kundasang with 15 of my uni mates right after i came back from labuan and the trip was so nice i have no other words to describe it except for this:
ranau and kundasang is FABULOUS!!!
they're just AWESOME!!!
they're sugar, spice, and everything nice!!!
i think i'm going to buy a piece of land and build my house there.
no, make that two lands =DDD
updates on this in the future. wahahah. with a whole load bunch of pictures!!!
we took soo manyyy!
p/s: ranau is in kundasang or vice versa. i know i know! like, i don't even know the geography of the place i'm travelling in right? actually i do know! i just get so confused. i'm *whaddyacall* mesmerised by the place already. hehe. really one.
selamat hari raya to those who are celebrating!!!
i'm only three days late*coughscoughs*you guys have a month to raya so its okay right?right.
maaf zahir dan batin semua.