Monday, May 31, 2010

comfort zone

hello there world. i have so much to tell you lately. but it's getting late and i am suppose to be working on my thesis. so laters, hahaha. i always do that, don't i? well, the joys of being a human. being able to escape from the realities of the world.

facing a bit of a dilemma of late. a good buddy told me its about time i get out from my comfort zone and approach people about it. it's definitely difficult, but it's the best and righteous thing to do. the importance of going all out for someone and not expecting anything in return is the right thing to do, he says. well said, i couldn't agree more. aah i am so being vague
i just lost my chain of thoughts wtf.

sigh. growing up is a difficult thing to do. no, wait. growing up is easy. you just..grow. to face stuff as you grow up is difficult.
i don't think i like being an adult when it comes to these things.

this is where i need to be in touch with my inner spirituality.
apart from my family at home, i am truly blessed to have these few people away from home that are always there for me

me and shan shan!

me and brendan dong dong

want to post more pics of the other cool people in my lives who have always helped me through spiritually and emotionally but heh it's getting late and i'm lazy. but you know who you are loves!
i heart all of you <3


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


wow i must be the most hardworking person to blog at 3:44 am lol.

i think i'm staying up just so i don't miss my flight again T________T

this is not nais at all even though i know that there's gonna be about six people who are going to give me morning calls in approximately 14 minutes.

hrmm. this is not good they'll probably scream at me if they found out i hadn't slept at all T____T

but it's okay because this is all for a good cause even if i end up with big bulging eyebags later i can always sleep in the plane wtf.

well i hope i can sleep in the plane and not stay up in excitement LOL.

to be honest, i'm staying up to listen to justin's bieber's one time cause it's just so nais! i don't know what's all the fuss about people liking him too much and people totally hating him. so extreme one! you can either like his songs or like him choose one don't hate both! i only like one song from him anyways see how fair a person i am LOL.

anyways this is how i look like when i listen to one time.

see, itz with ze love, <3

i still can't believe

i missed my flight home to penang yesterday T____T

and my whole mas ticket from kk to penang via kl got burned.

this has never happened to me! who says first times are always the best wtf.

i must be jinx with malaysian airlines or something cause the last time i flew with mas, we had to standby for almost four hours T___________T

if i ever do take mas again, i'll make sure i'll arrive at the airport like, five hours earlier before check-in time.

in my defense, i don't think the mas staff was being gracious at all. we were only a few minutes late before the check-in counter closes. is this what you call MH Malaysian Hospitality? and i'm a malaysian wtf.

okay enough swearing.

on a brighter note, i get to spend some time in kuching instead!

i'm just really bummed out cause well, i was really looking forward to spending time at home with ze mummy and ze daddy and ze babie. but it's okay now i get to see them in two days!
since i didn't have a chance to do a mother's day post so here's a belated one:

this was back when i still had curly murly hair! <3

to my dearest mummy, happy belated mummys day! you're ze bestest best mummy in the WWW (whole wide world). i love you so much and i miss you and i can't wait to be home to see you again. wishing you all the good things in the world, good health, happyness, joy, and love, every day, every second. *hugss & kisses!

with love,
ze baby girl <3