Tuesday, December 29, 2009

cav on a 'lil wupid '09 and a few last holiday drops

with only about five days left in penang, i'm contemplating on how i should wisely spend my last days of holidays best before the new semester starts. thing is, i have practically done almost everything and everything that i wanted to do. i've travelled, catch up with some old pals, eat (that will never be enough for me!), sleep (ditto!), and um, read? like the economics and stuff? heh, nah. i kinda made an *coughscoughs* informal announcement that i might be ending my debating career after the last round at GEMS WUPID last week. that's world universities peace invitational debate. very cool tournament, the last of 2009 for me. another tournament where i get to debate on a world class debating arena and meet lots and lots of ang-moh. hehe.

they say it will never happen. either i'll get suck back right in or they suck me in into debating again. hah, we'll see.

aaaanyways, so after much contemplation, i'd knew what i really wanted to do. i really really wanted to stay in and catch up with the family and watch lots lots of movies and plan where to eat out five times a day. i've rarely been home these days and yeah, i really miss this. so before i fly again, i'd really like to hoo-za with my hommies. must spend this last few holi-days wisely. next sem is going to be crazy as usual. i'm anticipating more assignments and those lab works and oh yeah, fieldtrips? grr.
here's some of the latest pictures during WUPID. i cut my hair yesterday, so i can't do the curling-my-hair-with-my-fingers thing anymore t.t but i lovin' my new long bob!

here's shu fen and i. she's my junior slash team mate for wupid '09. i love the dress i was in!

everyone look so proper in this pic! ;p here's us with LP from mahidol university, bangkok. he's this really cool monk debater. plus he remembers me from smu hammers singapore! he has officially become my favourite monk ;)))
more pics will be up on facebook soon! it's so much more convenient ;p
signing off now, xoxo