Saturday, January 23, 2010

earthquake tragedy

cavina's heart goes out to the victims of the Haiti earthquake in Port-au-Prince :'(
my prayers goes out to all the victims: the victims' families, the survivors of this tragedy, and everyone who gave out a hand in trying to improve the situation in Port-au-Prince.

do stay strong while we continue to pray that God will continue to pour his blessings over
these unfortunate souls.

love peace joy hope,

Friday, January 22, 2010

spirituality haywired

four churches arson attacked in kayel.

total of eleven churches across malaysia pelted with molotov cocktails, stones, and paint.

now two Muslim prayer halls attacked. genius.

what next, people?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

the week that was

a week into the new semester and this was what i'd realised:
one, my spanish is so darn rusty.

two, my chemistry - ohmygosh i really need to study them all back again.

three, i'm so glad i'm in debate cos it just makes studying environmental law so much easier
, and;

four, it's really not at all that easy to quit debate. like he said "debate is a large chunk of our uni life and to not have you there is hard" AWWWW. so sweet. but that's not the point lalala. i think debating has actually shaped me into who i am today in the most positive chi ying and yang energy way ever. serious! ;D

had an awesome weekend ;) we catched the sherlock holmes movie and round and round the mall to search for this eating place. and yesterday, everything just fell into place ;)))

kk is so hot these days. i get tired all the time, like so easily. i'm just taking whatevernots oppurtunity i have to sleep before tomorrow starts. that's the new week where all the workload starts to pile in.

on another note, i really miss a good read. a friend reminded me of the books i used to read last night. right now, the time traveler's wife is something i would love to dig in.

also, i got to know as the vanilla and strawberry flavoured girl HAHA. weird line to end a post with but oh well, tooodles and be good XOXO ;)