Friday, July 24, 2009

feliz cumpleanos mi hermana!

tomorrow is caryn lim myn li's birthday =DDD

caryn happens to be my baby sister. and she is turning twelve tomorrow. sigh. how fast time flies.
i could still vividly remember back to the time she was just a baby. back to the time when she was just brought out into this world. nine years gap, you ask? yep, our gap was that big. so obviously we have very different tastes. but i know i somehow influenced her one way or another. in a good siblings influences kind of way lar, ahems. she grew up faster than i thought she should. her favourite music was from linkin park. who wasn't if you were born in 1988 and the in music was by LP and have a little sister to pour influence upon? well, i did, indirectly, that is. i don't even want to go into the fashion part. i think i robbed her of her childhood. haha kidding kidding. i didn't have internet connection growing up till i was, eleven? during her time, everything my time was becoming obsolete and so yeah, you get the point. i guess i was a huge role model for her, despite her refusal to admit it EVERYTIME =p

to my baby sister who likes to be called 'baby' or 'sayang' but denies it ALL THE TIME, whom people must hug instead of her doing the hugging, who reeefuuseesss to kiss her mom, dad, and SISTER (hah! *roll eyes*),

i always thought about what was going to happen or how is it going to feel like when she was just born when i was only 9, and then thought about what going to happen to her, how is she going to be like by the time i'm 18 when i was 9, and now that i'm 21, i do know how it is like. i'm very proud of my sister, she collects more trophies in her entire 12 years of life than me in my 21 years of life!!!

wishing you good health and all the best this birthday, in upsr (sap sap sui only), in boys (kidding kidding, must start protecting you ady), SMILE ALWAYS (you look pretty when you do!), don't always muka masam okay next time you grow up looking like that baru tau (kidding KIDDING!), and i love you baby.
despite our hugeee gap, know that we didn't spend enough time with each other as we should, but know that you are always in my heart,like how torres is always in my heart oukayyy i should probably stop joking around HAHA. it's a pity i can't be back to celebrate with you this birthday, but nah, i made this post specially for YOU!!! see, i always think of you one =p
take care sis, you better brag to people about this! HAHA.
missing you always ;D

Thursday, July 9, 2009

what happened

was that i just lost my previous post which i had just spend an hour writing due to a disconnection. erghh blerghh.

that was one good ost right there. lalala. oh well, i'll just blog about it next time. the same thing. all over again. haiyer. the inspiration is not there anymore. not as excited as before. hahaha.

till then,

what happened so far

you see, the thing about having many things to blog about is not blogging about them. so many things happened, you go places, all kinds of interesting events popped up, and you're in the midst of having good times, sometimes you cry, while other times you jumped for joy. you get caught up in so many different kinds of things, and then time flew by so fast it's crazy so you just..couldn't be bothered to write about so many things passed.
anyhow, that's abit off the record. i'm here to talk about my first week in uni. of my third semester. so yeah.
today is munday. of the second week. but monday is not really mundane for me. well, i hope not anyway.
oh my god the most amazing thing just happpened i can't believe i even said that but yeah!!!
i'm not going to talk about it. i believe i should swear myself to secrecy. yes.
anyways, the first week, well, i thought i was going to die. seriously. but things turned around. for good. i know life is a rollercoaster but i shall enjoy this moment! muahaha!
so mr puad didnt want to give me back my batik artwork. so bad right. he said he wants to keep it and that it should be that way because it's kukum's property. he's going to frame it up in dewan chanselor or something. wahaha so cool but i want it back! i want to frame it up in my room! well, mom wants to. so mr puad told me this: "hey, make another one la. we can go factory together"
"join batik competition will you?"
"very easy one. six by six metres"
"awh? SIX?"
"so whaddya think?"
"i'll think about it"
"aha! okay. that's the way, girl!"
"err.. *crickets singing*"
i don't think he heard what i said lor. nevermind. he's a cool guy. we call him sifu, by the way. like the chinese sifu, that kind. gong!!! ehee.
i got funny fahmy as my macroeconomics lecturer. well, i call him funny fahmy cause his name is fahmy and he is sooo funny! in a cynical kind of way. i hope he stays this way. you could never tell much and all from the first encounter, can you?
and what else. i should be studying. not blogging and reading cnn news. HAH! what were you thinking, baby?