Wednesday, May 12, 2010


wow i must be the most hardworking person to blog at 3:44 am lol.

i think i'm staying up just so i don't miss my flight again T________T

this is not nais at all even though i know that there's gonna be about six people who are going to give me morning calls in approximately 14 minutes.

hrmm. this is not good they'll probably scream at me if they found out i hadn't slept at all T____T

but it's okay because this is all for a good cause even if i end up with big bulging eyebags later i can always sleep in the plane wtf.

well i hope i can sleep in the plane and not stay up in excitement LOL.

to be honest, i'm staying up to listen to justin's bieber's one time cause it's just so nais! i don't know what's all the fuss about people liking him too much and people totally hating him. so extreme one! you can either like his songs or like him choose one don't hate both! i only like one song from him anyways see how fair a person i am LOL.

anyways this is how i look like when i listen to one time.

see, itz with ze love, <3

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