Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i still can't believe

i missed my flight home to penang yesterday T____T

and my whole mas ticket from kk to penang via kl got burned.

this has never happened to me! who says first times are always the best wtf.

i must be jinx with malaysian airlines or something cause the last time i flew with mas, we had to standby for almost four hours T___________T

if i ever do take mas again, i'll make sure i'll arrive at the airport like, five hours earlier before check-in time.

in my defense, i don't think the mas staff was being gracious at all. we were only a few minutes late before the check-in counter closes. is this what you call MH Malaysian Hospitality? and i'm a malaysian wtf.

okay enough swearing.

on a brighter note, i get to spend some time in kuching instead!

i'm just really bummed out cause well, i was really looking forward to spending time at home with ze mummy and ze daddy and ze babie. but it's okay now i get to see them in two days!
since i didn't have a chance to do a mother's day post so here's a belated one:

this was back when i still had curly murly hair! <3

to my dearest mummy, happy belated mummys day! you're ze bestest best mummy in the WWW (whole wide world). i love you so much and i miss you and i can't wait to be home to see you again. wishing you all the good things in the world, good health, happyness, joy, and love, every day, every second. *hugss & kisses!

with love,
ze baby girl <3

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