Saturday, February 20, 2010

el pelo largo y castano

i really feel like cutting my hair but i can only do that after the
15th day of chinese new year t.t

i feel like cutting it short-er ;p was suppose to do it when i got back from kk but i'm just too busy! //lalala shouldn't be an excuse but I"M SERIOUS!!!

well they say my hair is fine nice already lah noneed to cut but the weather is pushing me to spot a new hairdo. heh another excuse blame the weather plaks =p

now that i really think about it, i wanna go back to having a fringe. it should be more manageable.

hmm, i'm considering cutting my own hair. in kk. maybe, just maybe //giggles

i'm suppose to write a more meaningful and deeper post than this but i got carried away lol wtf. i'm itching to write an emo post actually. a good emo one. let's see how the night goes loves!

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jerome said...

what emo post what emo post???? =PPPP