Friday, July 9, 2010

viva la espana!

all this hype over the FIFA World Cup 2010 and all those talks about who's gonna be the new champion and the funny sounds the vuvuzuelas make and how Jabulani is crazy to side the underdogs and all those musings and writings and blogs about the world cup makes me feel like there is nada difference for me to write nor talk about it. even an octopus made the news by amusing everyone through its ability to accurately predict over and over again in matches it was asked to predict lol.

i never felt the need to talk or write about the world cup and the team i am rooting for and its glory in reaching the finals for the first time ever. even as a fan, i only rejoice in a little celebration when my fav team wins but only God knows how fast my heart is beating or how psyched and excited i am inside. sure, there is aplenty of joy and excitement as i talked about it with family and friends over meals and a cuppa or even in the laboratory when we're in a poor sleepy state of mind and the best part of it all is to be able to jubilate in exhilaration or dramatise our cries of desperation over a team's blunder (england, haha!) during a match. but i never felt the need to express myself like a madwoman when it comes to talking about my fav team. in short, i don't think i can be crazy over anything as long as i kept it in a speed of heartbeat in my heart lol.

i kept my silence on the world cup thus far and when i meant silence i only meant it in writing maybe because i felt that talking about it might jinx spain's chance in winning the trophy wtf. but i'd really love to show my support in writing just for once, just before this once-in-every-four-years event come to an end, just before the new semester starts and i won't have any chance to write profusely (not that i ever did!) like this anymore due to an expected crazy overmouting workload and time constraint, just before my final year project kickstart into its serious no-joke phase.

sometimes i wonder if i am a true fan of football because if there was a competition on who can talk the most on it, i would definitely lose like mad. and don't get me started on spain. good looking lads, charms, and beautiful football aha. but that's another story for another time.

found this extremely sweet looking picture of david villa and his daughter.

awwww such a cutie! adds up to all the hawtness and machoness /swoons <3

and wayne rooney was voted ugliest player at the World Cup HAHAHAHAHAHA ok i am so bad to laugh at him but he didn't perform at all lor for this World Cup and i don't get all the hype over him. seriously the most overrated player TSKK.

gud naits with love still in hyper mood cos finally get to bervideocall with mummy and daddy! :)) /missing home missing mummy's cooking period.

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lionel said...

cavvie..lets go watch the finals!!!! hehehe XDDDD