Thursday, July 1, 2010

joyous june that was

a pleasant month it has been and i truly cannot find the right adjective to describe and express it. i have had a few awesomely pleasant surprises to send me in awe for a whole lifetime. sometimes i feel like i have so much to thank for!

i'd really like to write about the whole amazing street-fooding and sight-seeing adventure we had lately but it suddenly occurred to me that that effort may seem a little bit too ambitious at this moment. it's 3:56 am i'm sleeeepy LOL. and i seemed to be suffering from the writer's block syndrome lately. i can't seem to write properly anymoreeee these days! well that just means i have to write even more. read books with proper english. british english. wahah i like.

having writer's block and my downfall in being able to sum up a great experience in a whole word (not that i have been able to, mind you :p), it seems so much easier to post up pictures here. but there's over 500 pictures! and each and every one of them tells a different story. i can't just choose which one to post. it's not as easy, right. pictures like a great adventure we had are treasures.

i still can't figure out how we ended up with over 500 pictures for just a five-day adventure. summore i deleted so many already -__-

anyhoo, i shall do two for now. too lazy and too tired. whee!

with the surprise visitor from Borneo, johnny bok, and jonathan. haha. waiting for the cable at kek lok si temple to bring us high up! xx pohleen's behind camera lens :)

daniel, me, and dan dan at Tropical Spice Garden! we were hanging from a ahems, cliff? :p this pic kind of blur but still one of my favs nevertheless! xx

it's inevitably difficult to sum up our five-day adventure in Penang with so many awesome fanatico friends in two pictures. not forgetting all the birthday surprises, trips here and there, the amazing family gatherings and bonding time, and then there's the amazing world cup experience! sad, honeymoon period's gonna be over soon with final year project coming up but still looking forward to going back to beautiful Sabah nevertheless. because beyond all that, another amazing adventure awaits! HAHA <3

2 snooped and scooped:

Anonymous said...

and u forget u ffk-ed when u r in KL.. hmph..

mee fang said...

hey cavviee....flying off soon yea? have a safe flight home yea!! gonna miss you!

p/s: and where is my picture?? :p